Social media management is a service that is worth investing in for your business, and in which the values ​​can vary greatly, according to several factors, namely the responsibilities and associated tasks, each of which requires the use of strategies and different content, often with a focus on different target audiences.

We can highlight:

Social networks at work;

Number of publications per week;

Whether the service includes creating video, photography or graphic animations;

Whether copying is required or whether information is provided;

Whether the management of messages and comments is necessary;

Between others...

It is important to mention that the investment also varies depending on the scope you want, that is, the greater the investment, the greater the number of people who will know your business, but it all depends on the goals you want to achieve and the budget you can have.

In any form, through text, photography, video or other content, all companies promote their products on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Paid advertising is a great way to reach new customers and goals.

Defining the cost of paid advertising is not easy, as there are several factors that can influence the final budget.

For you to understand better, these are the main elements that influence the costs of sponsored publications and posts:

Duration of paid advertising;

Target audience (location, age group and gender make prices vary);

Ad type (in Feed, Stories, sidebar, videos, etc.).

What also happens is that the user creates paid campaigns and advertisements, which then does not know how to evaluate the results.

Therefore, it is extremely important that these are carried out by professionals who can help you design the campaign and ultimately evaluate the results.

Insurtek is also a social media management company with a focus on lead generation and sales. We position our clients for success through social media management services, social media advertising services, website design and content marketing. Talk to us.

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