Our engineers are experts in several programming languages, including Python and Java, and knowledge of SQL database design, IT experience.

These are responsible for creating algorithms to help facilitate access to raw data, but in order to do so, they need to understand the goals of the company or the customer. It is important to have business goals aligned when working with data, especially for companies dealing with complex data sets, they can also be responsible for communicating trends pointed out by data analysis, as well as understanding how to optimize data retrieval and how develop dashboards, reports and other visualizations for stakeholders.

In a highly technical position, requiring experience and skills in areas such as Programming, Mathematics and Computer Science, we also need soft skills to communicate data trends to others in the organization and help businesses use the collected data.

– We develop, build, test and maintain architectures;

-We align architectures with business requirements;

– We take care of data acquisition;

– We develop dataset processes;

– We use programming language and tools;

-Identified ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality;

– We carry out research for industrial and business issues;

– We use large datasets to solve business problems;

– We implement sophisticated analytical programs, Machine Learning and statistical methods;

– We prepare data for predictive and prescriptive modeling;

– We find hidden patterns using data;

– We use data to discover tasks that can be automated;

– We deliver updates to stakeholders based on analytics.

We are responsible for managing, optimizing, supervising and monitoring the retrieval, storage and distribution of data.


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