The quote includes a single review, this will be carried out after the presentation of the customer service where you can moderately make changes.
Obs: Changes that are mandatory to change the code will be budgeted and the time to resolve the customer's request will be calculated.
Yes, when contacting our company we will have to know what will have to be included before we start, because a website with an online store does not have the same values as one without an online store.
You can eventually add other functions after what is agreed in the budget, we will have to see the possibility of the inclusion as well as the additional values.
Maintenance packages will always be monthly, the values ​​will be calculated through the website itself and according to the necessary analysis agreed with the customer.
Payments will always be post-paid, using the payment method agreed with the customer.
We will have several options, because each site and client are unique, upon delivery we provide an hour of training, as well as the option of building a video where we explain some of the basic procedures, such as (schedule, product placement).
Note: We are not responsible for any problems on the site after delivery.
No, both domains and accommodation have costs, depending on the choice of extension (.pt/.com/.es), as well as the capacity of the accommodation. We may eventually run campaigns and there you will be able to take advantage of this offer.

The site may be responsive on mobile devices, this does not guarantee that it is 100%, for this it will have to be included in the initial order by the customer, so the responsive site is the site without "manipulation" on mobile devices. To be 100% functional and visual, it will have to be changed, which may not be exactly the same as the computer screen.

Note: To be 100% functional and visual, it will have an additional cost to the initial budget.

Although we have all the means and methods for the construction and development of the website, customers have to provide the requested data and images.

We ask for example Texts for pages like; who we are, what we do, contacts, some images/products.

Note: All images/videos, texts or products to be included in the store must be ready for insertion, all changes/manipulations will be budgeted.

One of our concerns is the future of your business, so what we can include and prepare on your website so that it doesn't stagnate and facilitate its evolution and growth, we will put it in order to accompany the future days.

Our support services operate on a full-time basis 24/7/365.

All requests are answered on a first-come, first-served basis through a ticket, to which our technicians have tried to solve your problem as quickly as possible.


Quality support provided in a timely manner.

Agreements are partnerships entered into between the parties, where a minimum period is required for understanding the client's business and aligning tactics and operations.

As such, the minimum term of a Social Network Management Agreement is 6 months.

Want to combine SEO services with Online Advertising? Or Social Network Management with Sending Newsletters? Of course yes. Our monthly membership packages are dynamic and tailored to your needs. Get access to a mix of digital marketing services tailored to your needs.

No, the agreements never include advertising investment. Ad accounts must be configured with the customer's payment data and the budget available for advertising investment (eg Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads) is your responsibility.

As you can see at the beginning of this page, there are several Social Networks that can be worked on by our team. To define the value of the agreement, we need to know in which Social Networks we will collaborate in the project and the volume of work necessary for its implementation.

Payments are made until the 8th of each month, through available means.

Yes, the agreements can be adjusted depending on the workload and needs of the projects in question.

Yes, in the future you can change your plan with (minimum) 30 days' notice.

Yes, you can withdraw at any time, starting from the third month, with 30 days' notice.



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